Styled reduction

Brought to life by artistic excel

„I personally did not invent nor conceive anything. All I did was to find people and make them converge.”

Günther Ferdinand Ris

Günter Ferdinand Ris

*1928 - †2005

started working as a painter after studying the fine arts at the Academies of Karlsruhe, Düsseldorf, and Freibug. Later, in the early 1960s, he changed his profession to become a sculptor.

His works in ivory, bronze and plastic are coined by senseful strictness and non-emotive clarity. They seek to transcend the divides between art forms and to port scenic imagery to the third dimension. Sculptures are expanded walk-in architectures.

After participating in the Biennale of the Modern Art Musuem of Paris, the Documenta II (1959) and III (1964) in Kassel and the Venice Biennale (German Pavillon 1966), Ris also turned towards design and conceived furniture and interior furnishings.

On Rosenthal's commission, he developed a series of Projects that abolished the borders between art and design. Thus he designed the corporate head office Scholss Erkersreuth with extensive light objects on the interior and exterior. Amongst glasses, coffee sets and porcelain reliefs, Ris designed the „Sunball“ in collaboration with Herbert Selldorf.

Herbert Selldorf

*1929 - †2012

was a freelance architect. In 1969 he collaborated with G.F. Ris to create the "Sunball" for Rosenthal.


Collectively they brought the Sunball into life in 1968. It was subsequently fabricated and distributed in large quantities.

These rare collectors items are sought-after these days.

With a lot of luck, even today you stumble upon one in the gardens of collectors and enthusiasts.