An icon from 1968 reborn

The new Sunball
  • ColorFiberglass 2-component paint finish classic orange glossy
  • UpholsterySILVERTEX® Mocca 122 - 0005
  • ColorFiberglass 2-component paint finish classic yellow glossy
  • UpholsterySILVERTEX® Mocca 122 - 0005
  • ColorFiberglass 2-component paint finish classic white glossy
  • UpholsterySILVERTEX® Mocca 122 - 0005

In 1968, everything suddenly seemed possible: moon landing, prosperity, individual freedom. At this time, the porcelain manufacturer Philip Rosenthal commissioned the sculptor Günter Ferdinand Ris and the architect Herbert Selldorf to design and produce a limited edition of 50 Sunballs. 2024 the Sunball is back in the world! Better and more functional than ever. Handmade at the same location where it was born in 1968.

Solid fiberglass housing

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Weather resistance

Glass fiber is very resistant to weather influences such as UV radiation, rain, snow and temperature fluctuations. Compared to some other materials, especially metals, it has excellent corrosion resistance.


Glass fiber is a very durable material. It does not tend to rust, corrode or weather, which extends its service life compared to other materials.

Light weight

Compared to some other building materials, GRP is very lightweight, making it easier to handle and install. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to large structures or outdoor applications.

Corrosion resistance

Compared to metals, GRP is not susceptible to corrosion. This makes it particularly suitable for environments in which metals could be damaged by corrosion.

Chemical resistance

GRP is resistant to many chemical substances and is therefore suitable for environments with aggressive chemical conditions, e.g. in industrial plants.


Durable SILVERTEX® fabric cover

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>300,000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947:1999 Part 2)

UV resistance

ISO 105 B02 ≥ 7/8 (blue wool scale) / ISO 105 B04≥4/5 (gray scale)

  • EN 71-3 Safety of toys (migration of certain elements)
  • Cold crack resistance down to -29ºC
  • Anti-fungal protection
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Stain-resistant surface
  • Mold-resistant back and surface
  • Resistance to sulphide stains
  • Antistatic surface

Stainless steel components

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Uni-Body Design *

Solid stainless steel joint milled from solid material. Exceptionally robust and stable

Torsion spring technology *

Integrated and maintenance-free torsion spring system for the highest standards of comfort and function.

* 10-year functional guarantee

Technical details

Housing made of sturdy fibreglass, optimized stainless steel fittings, three original colour combinations and a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. Limited to just 50 pieces. Pre-order now including free delivery in the fourth quarter of 2024.


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